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European Resin Manufacturers Association

    "The Voice of Resins in Europe"

The European Resin Manufacturers' Association (ERMA) was formed over a decade ago to help the European resins industry meet the requirements of the European 'single market' and to provide an ongoing corporate platform to represent the legitimate interests of resin manufacturers.




Dear ERMA members,


Thank you for your support, Please see our revised web site at https://www.erma-org.eu which is under construction.




 This website now incorporates the European Resin Directory

It may be viewed by Non-Members and it is a searchable data base involving all resin types.

The results of Directory searches may be saved, making this one of the best on-line sources of resin information.

ERMA Members can update details of their products LoadedMovies.com directly on-line and modify their product specifications.



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European Resin Manufacturers Association (ERMA)
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